Pipe Dream #63: To Be A Horse Whisperer

Yeah, I kind of jacked this photo from AwkwardFamilyPetPhotos.com. But I figure since I linked it twice in this post, the Internet copyright police won’t blacklist my blog or something. If they do that. If they even exist.

And ok, just pause for a minute and look at that picture. So many funny, ridiculous elements.

You see, the above awkward family photo is the funnier version of something that happened to me as a kid. My parents brought me to some mall portrait studio as many parents do, and forced me to sit and have my picture taken in an Easter dress and scratchy lace socks. The event was especial, though, because I took my picture surrounded by wickle baby bunnies. Somehow, baby bunnies are only born seasonally (unlike all other mammals on the earth), so the portrait studio only had them in the spring. It was precious.

Anyway, I was glad when the photo shoot was over because it took forever to get me to pose, then to get the bunnies to pose just right so they could shoot. It took forever, and as a four-year-old, my patience for flashy lights and bossy photographers quickly wore thin. I haven’t taken pictures with animals since.

Until today.

It is September now (hey!), which means that apple orchard season is soon approaching. Heavens to Betsy, I do love everything about apple orchards.

I recently became apprised of several loaded apple trees on the far side of the horse pasture at camp. Because the majority of summer camps are over now, I had a little time to get up there and pick a peck. Then I made a divine dessert. I’ll shew ewe it later because it is fabulous. Just you wait.

Anyway, there were obviously horses in the horse pasture (hey!). While I was picking apples, I decided to nab a few shots of them; it isn’t often I get to be so close to such intelligent, beautiful animals.

The tricky thing about horses (and bunnies and all animals and some people and all people and my hair) is that I can’t get them to do what I want.

I can’t get them to stay still while I fix my aperture.

I can’t make them hold their pose for longer than 1 second.

I can’t keep them away from all the delicious apples I have picked so that I can make a divine dessert.

Case in point.

Even so, living things do make nice subjects sometimes. They are quirky.



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