Pipe Dream #125: To Appreciate The Bold & The Subtle

This was the sky in my backyard. I love love love the interplay of the bright colors and the delicate trees. My family and I recently had a conversation about colors/things/life. Some people like everything to be bold and bright and extreme. That’s fine and good, but sometimes it’s easy to miss out on the subtleties and delicacies that add nuance and support. That last sentence sounds like a bunch of waffle (yummy), but let me explain.

It’s like dahlias. They are big and bright and beautiful, but they have no scent. Dahlias look almost spare standing alone. They need other flowers in an arrangement to provide a more complete aesthetic.

It’s like pizza. Really good pizza dough needs a really slow second rise so that it can develop a deeper flavor and complement a bunch of bold toppings. If you just piled a bunch of garlic and balsamic and basil on a slab of your average pizza dough, all you would taste are the individual flavors of the toppings. Though the taste of a slow-rise dough is more subtle, it manages to complement and bind all the other flavors, making the pizza come together in one big flavor meld.

It’s like people. Some personalities are brash and bright, others are meek and quiet, but the world needs both to get along.

Today, I am in appreciation of both.

Dual-minded to a fault,


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