Kitchen Hack: Flossing these Nutella mini rolls


Guys, remember that beautiful Nutella bread? She’s done it again, but this time, with less of a twist.

Instead of making a star flower thing, I rolled out the dough into an obscenely long rectangle, slathered it with copious amounts of that dream within a dream hazelnut chocolate spread and cut it into teeny tiny rolls.



Kitchen hack ALERT: For once, the Internet was a reliable source of information, imagine. This is the first time I’ve actually tried the “make perfect cinnamon rolls by slicing them with string or non-minted dental floss” baker hack. I’ve been reading about this for years. It actually worked!


Simply roll up your cinnamon rolls into a long log, as you do, then use a piece of string to slice off rolls. Here’s a little vid demo for you.


Top with a crazy chocolate glaze and sink into nutty, cocoa bliss this weekend. Super fast!


P.S. I really identified with the song “Truffle Butter” the other day, which states “I floss errthang, but I ain’t a dentist.” What a line, what a line.

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