Task Attraction: Millet Banana Bread


One conversation I had with a group of friends went approximately like this:

“Would you still hang with me if I was 20% less smart?”

And some dude said, “I don’t know, Lauren…would you be able to cook 20% less well?”

Whatttttttttttt? CHECK. YO SELF. (Actually, I just blinked a little bit.)

Now before all my girls get all up in a huff (because all the dudes are like, “Fair questions, fair question.”), I would just like to present that it is probably not totally anyone’s fault that this question has to come up.

I mean, let’s be real. There is a thing called task attraction, which means that you find someone attractive based on their abilities, like being able to cook. And, when combined with the reward theory of attraction, which means that you are attracted to those who in some way make you feel good, the whole cooking thing can be a devastating combination. I get it. Baking is my half-joke version of how to win friends and influence people, as you well know.


And I mean, yeah it’s attractive if you’ll mow the lawn and fix the car and do crazy hang time bball shots or whatever other “guy” things you do that make my life better. But I would still hang with you if you did those things 20% less, no question, because there are other important things in life that you’re about!


I’m not sure I’ve explained very well why I’m kicking you out of my house right now, but will still be friends with you later, but there it is. Task attraction, guys. It’s real.


Millet Banana Bread

Find the recipe on smitten kitchen. I opted for 1/4 cup maple syrup instead of 1/3 cup. This is really good banana bread.


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