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Favorite Shots: Fresh and warm and free

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One of the rare times that a filter was used to make the picture look exactly as the perfect light looked on this perfect afternoon. So of course, I did it twice with what is essentially the same picture. Round food, yellow knees. You can unfollow me if you’re bored now.


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P.S. Oh, also those donuts were warm and fresh and free.

Emily Eloise Wildflower

DSC_0024 2

Emily is in my adventure clique. We explored a wildflower garden one day. As expected, we found a few flowers. The turkey was a double bonus.


em park 1




That #yeslifestyle + a picture of a well-brewed cup, if you’d like to see that today

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Seen here: my model friend. Coffee&K is best of this random Tuesday. I guess I only take pictures in squares now. Signs of the times, signs of the times.


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Frozen falls, just the one




Look at this neat place! My gorgeous cousin and I were hand-over-handing it to climb up and down the ice-slicked path to Minnehaha Falls without damaging our precious photography equipment. Luckily, no falls occurred, except those already existing in nature.

Ever your naturally-occurring,








Shadowplay & heaven

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A lot of my pictures are making heavy use of darkness lately. Not tenebrism, which I was reminded is basically my favorite thing. Tenebrism is like heaven. It’s the promise of something hidden that, when revealed, will be so bright and beautiful. It makes me just want to  remove the covering, throw back the curtains, find the source of LIGHT. We haven’t quite made it yet, folks, but tenebrism is a reminder in the waiting.

Also, #tbt to my grandparent’s beautiful house, nearly unchanged in the five years since I’ve seen it. Full of curiosities.


Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

Actually, we are already married – K&B’s Engagement

kb 6

Hey heyyy, models. Hey heyyyyyyy, blog readers.

I’ve been procrastinating posting this engagement shoot because like, two weeks after I took them, the two subjects ran away and married each other. So what is the point of even trying to be current on relationship statuses on social media??

No point. But I’ll still post them, because would you just look at this beautiful, creative couple! What a blessing to be able to catch up on life and see you two interact. All the very best, K&B!


kb 20

kb 7

kb 8

kb 4

kb 5

kb 9a

kb 2

kb 15

kb 13

kb 19

Favorite Shots: Curlicue, Cherry, Pectoral


This U-Pick orchard was run by the sweetest Indian family, all of whom were very beautiful, from wrinkled date patriarch to the wide-eyed curlicue baby.

Also, cherries.

Also, pectoral.


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