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Shadowplay & heaven

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A lot of my pictures are making heavy use of darkness lately. Not tenebrism, which I was reminded is basically my favorite thing. Tenebrism is like heaven. It’s the promise of something hidden that, when revealed, will be so bright and beautiful. It makes me just want to  remove the covering, throw back the curtains, find the source of LIGHT. We haven’t quite made it yet, folks, but tenebrism is a reminder in the waiting.

Also, #tbt to my grandparent’s beautiful house, nearly unchanged in the five years since I’ve seen it. Full of curiosities.


Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

Winyards//Okanagan Valley


In case you were wondering, wine country is more fun as an adult.

Not pictured: The goat farm and cheese shop.






Favorite Shots: Curlicue, Cherry, Pectoral


This U-Pick orchard was run by the sweetest Indian family, all of whom were very beautiful, from wrinkled date patriarch to the wide-eyed curlicue baby.

Also, cherries.

Also, pectoral.


Stone Fruit//Okanagan Valley


Thus follow the pics from my favorite day of family vacation, wherein the boys talked shop, and I ate endless handfuls the biggest, burstiest, organic-est, hippie blueberries you ever did see. There was also more that happened on this day, but I’ve limited this post to stone fruit. Enjoy, and please git the last of the stone fruit at your local grocer before the season is out!


P.S. Stayed tuned for tomorrow, which is my favorite pic of the whole day/vacation.









Favorite Shots: Same Sunsets

santa monica sunset low res

Dramatic edits because obviously.


santa monica sunset 3 low res

santa monica sunset 2 low res

The LAst Time We’ll All Be Together

santa monica sunset 2 low res

My dad keeps saying things like, “Welp, since this is the last time we’ll all be together as a family…”

It’s like we’re all going to go our separate ways and/or die after this.

Get real,


two trees low res

vw low res

pier sign low res

pacific park low res

ferris wheel low res

lyndon street low res

marina low res

flags low res

Brunch in L.A. is a Thing, Apparently

pannekoeken 4

So I know brunch is brunch is brunch, right? Everyone loves this marvelous mash-up meal. Sleep in, brunch your way into the afternoon, then consider  a nap. Take it, friends. Take the nap. It’s Sunday, Sabbath-day.

Not to mention the fact that the food is everything anyone ever cared about combined into one meal. Mimosas at any hour + every amazing sweet breakfast pastry + a salad if you feel like it. My three main food groups.

But in L.A., I feel like people really love brunch. Like, it is a regular, glamorous thing that people do. Maybe more so than in the Midwest. I try and do brunch as often as possible on my own terms, like this recent one which included a pannekoeken/dutch baby. (I had been waiting to try one forever. They really are a cinch to make, and they look so impressive, all puffed up like a pastry peacock.)

pannekoeken 1

pannekoeken 3

But omword did I really enjoy a few restaurant brunches while on vaca. Including:


Ranunculus and San Pellegrino (because this is L.A.) and a prosciutto and Gruyère croissant.


And even this bread pudding. I know. Just stop.


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

And once even crepes, my true love.

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

But always coffee.

Brunching blissfully,



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