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Favorite Shots: Keepin’ It Real

This is my real family. And this is how our family Christmas card picture taking session went.

Also, I have been loving diptychs. I’m probably out of style.


Favorite Shots: Vitamins & Protein, Baby

I started taking a multi vitamin again.



Favorite Shot: Shameless Butterfly

I love butterflies shamelessly. And it’s really ok because I’m a girl. No one blinks twice at a girl who loves butterflies. But even if you blinked thrice I would still love them because they are so fabulous. Just look at this picture. By the way, I totally faked this macro shot.

I found this one after a morning run. I see a lot of wildlife in the mornings at camp. Surrously, I’ve seen prolly sixty bunnies on the road. Live on the road. It makes a run that would otherwise seem like folly a little more bearable. Because let’s be real, no one really loves going on runs early in the morning. You can like it, but ‘love’ is a little too strong for 6 am.

Another random fact I learned about bugs this summer: Flies actually do taste things with their feet. Your fourth grade teacher was right all along.

Have such a happy day,


Favorite Shots: She’s A Dancer

She’s a dancer in the garden, and she dances with the flowers.
In the early morning hours when the wind shifts and the fog drifts,
she’s a dancer.

She’s a dancer, and she knows it; everywhere she goes she shows it.
Condescending, not pretending; no regretting nor forgetting she’s a dancer.

And on my early morning walks I often find her.
I sit pretending that I’m looking at the paper.

And when people stop to watch her, she pretends she doesn’t see them,
doesn’t need them; and where she goes,
there the wind blows, though it’s only with the flowers that she dances.

And on my early morning walks I often find her.
I sit pretending that I’m looking at the paper.

-Larry Norman

I Got It Right: Saturated Colors + Kellie

One of the positive things that has come out of smoker-girl living downstairs is the arrival of her mother. Her family owns a small business selling flowers, and smoker-girl’s mom seems to have moved into our house to stay. Sort of like a messed-up, opposite version of Take Your Child To Work Day.

Anyway, she brings flowers, which I like. Kellie likes them too.

She helped me film a project for class one day. (Kellie is very helpful about doing random, weird things for me. “Can you add a little more emotion this time, Kel? Like…art is my passion…” Also, art is her passion–if you are ever looking for an amazing artist with an eye for detail and a beautiful aesthetic, you know who to talk to.)

I was trying to film, but I couldn’t exactly figure out how to work the camera, and I kept on taking stills.

Fortunately, Kellie is very pretty, and all the accidental shots turned out to be really happy. So we had a mini photo shoot.

Look at all the blue and purple tones! Love that.

Thanks for helping me with my project, Kellie! Thanks for being a beautiful subject! I’m so lucky to have had such a creative, inspiring and encouraging roommate. Let’s be friends.



Favorite Shots: Symmetry

My friend Kellie says the most attractive thing about any face is its symmetry. Like, she notices if faces aren’t symmetrical. She is an art major, which half explains that.

By Kellie’s standards, this bridge is hott with two ts.



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