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Favorite Shots: A Burst of January

fun flower

It has been too long. Also, January.


Favorite Shots: Peeps!

It is Easter this week! If I were at home, I would be eating Peeps. You know Peeps? The fluffy little sugar-coated, chick-shaped balls of marshmallow wonderfulness that puff up in the microwave and only migrate seasonally in America? Oh, how I rue the fact that these birds only peep out of their nests for three weeks of the year. (Did you get that pun? :]) I love Peeps.

There is a boy at school with a Peeps t-shirt. I told him I could probably eat 100 Peeps because I loved them so much. He didn’t believe. I tried to convince him (not sure why, death by sugar for me, I guess). He said he would buy me 100 Peeps and see if I could eat them.

Well that hasn’t happened yet, which is why I am not lying dead before you with crystallized sugar freezing up my veins, but I tell you the truth! I love Peeps. And point of the story, these chicks look like Peeps.

These shots were taken on my old camera, so the quality is not super high, but I love the yellow next to the aqua of the box bottom. It is striking.

Even more striking, though, and even more worthy of my love than Peeps, is the real reason I love Easter. Easter is a reminder of how much Jesus loves me. He died a death far worse than eating 100 Peeps all so that we would be free of the guilt of our sin and experience real life. Here’s what he said:

“I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live, and everyone who lives and believes in me shall never die. Do you believe this?” –Jesus

Happy Easter,


Favorite Shots: Three Colors

Ever since I was little, I have liked the combination of yellow, green and blue. Yellow and blue together are good. Green and blue, not so good. Yellow and green…the worst.

Other awful color combinations that are nearly always off-putting: orange and green, purple and orange, orange and black. Ok, I’m not feeling orange today, I guess.

Anyway, the trifecta combined with that glorious vintage car make this shot one of my favorites.

Shout out to all my Canadian fam,


Someone Got It Right: Rothenberg

On my little foray to Germany a few weeks ago, I visited Rothenberg, a beautifully preserved medieval city. It was all decked out for Christmas and looked exactly as you would expect a classic German town to look. I loved it. It inspired dreams of having a cute life, living in a cute, coral-colored house. I don’t know how I will feel about coral in 10 years, but right now, it sounds lovely.


Pipe Dream #49: To Dream Deep Enough To See Brilliant Colors

Don’tcha wish you lived here? I do.

I mean, I actually live here for now.

As you can probably tell, I was playing around with filters and color balance in these shots. Technically, these should all look the same, color-wise. Can I just say, color makes things so interesting. It is crazy that changing the color of something even a little bit can dramatically affect the mood of an experience. Case in point: Photo #1 is sweeping grandeur, while Photo #2 is merely creepy.

You know what else can dramatically affect the mood of an experience? Chris Rice. Here. Probably one of my more favoriter artists.

Anyway, on this particular evening, the valley was graced with a light mist. Combined with the sunset, the landscape made for an irresistible photo opportunity. And I took advantage of it. Gasp!

This is my favorite shot. Despite the fact that the computer I’m working from is making the foreground too dark, I’m enthralled by the way the light plays over the white flowers in the front.

Dreaming deeply,


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