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Favorite Shots: Epileptic Hostel

So the light in the shot is exactly how the light in the room was, which is just dumb chance on my part. And ok, so maybe you don’t think it is awesome. but I love this picture with a super love.

I think I extra love this shot because I took it after I got semi-reamed by some neurotic British guy. I paid a pretty annoying price to get it. Here is the story: We were in the common room of our hostel and some guy that we were hanging out with was annoying the British guy (let’s call him Harry) by taking two pictures with the flash on. Of his friends or something. So Harry comes over all fast and serious and is like, “Hey, I have epilepsy, and I’m really sensitive to the flash, so can you please not be taking pictures with it.” And everyone was super apologetic and sorry, and the guy quit taking pictures.

So later on, I was taking a few quick shots of the room WITHOUT FLASH, and this is the conversation Harry and I had:

Harry: Hey.

Me: Oh, I’m so¬†sorry, I’m really not using the flash; I’m just taking a couple of pictures really quick and I promise without the flash so…

Harry: Me and my friends were just having a piss.

Me: What?

Harry: I was just having a piss.

Me: Um…sorry.

Harry: Where are you from? (Because he could tell I had no idea what he was talking about.)

Me: Um, the United States. (And I was thinking, “Shoot! Why didn’t I say Canada? Now he really doesn’t like me.”)

Harry: Ok, we were just having a laugh at you. I don’t really have epilepsy. (He said all of this very condescendingly.)

Me: Oh. (And I just kind of stared blankly at him.)

Harry: I used to work in the film industry, and so I got tired of all the flashes, and it is just so annoying when people are flashing pictures of their friends every five seconds, innit? I mean, I want you all to have memories of your trip or whatever, but if you could just not take pictures, that would be lovely.

Me: Right. (But I’m thinking, “Dude, he took two pictures. Two. Chill yourself out. Plus, you don’t need to be telling me. I’m not even using the flash, which you darn well know.”)

Harry: So what do you shoot with?

And I showed him.

Harry: Ah, very nice. Cheers.

And walks away. And I was annoyed. And produced this shot. Which I will now cherish for its sweet composition and fantastically interesting depth of field rather than for the psychoness of Harry.

So good at blending in,


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