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It Is About That Time

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Wouldn’t you say? Can’t even wait for roasted, herbed onions. Can’t even wait until I have a real green thumb.


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Pipe Dream #15: To Be A Microwave Maven

A few days ago, I softened butter just right. Sometimes, I get lazy and don’t soften things as I should. In light of this, I have decided to post a full-blown tutorial. I  know. And you’re saying, “It has been done so many times, Lauren! Why don’t you just leave it to the pros, like Pioneer Woman?”
To which I say, I can blog a tutorial if I want to. So read on, unless you are now engrossed in PW’s website. I really should do an ode to PW at some point, I try enough of her sa-weet recipes.
The following is my general procedure when softening butter in The Apartment Microwave:
I keep the butter in it’s wrapping. If you don’t melt the butter, the wrapper actually keeps the butter in pretty well, makes for less cleanup later and (bonus!), it won’t blow up in the microwave like aluminum foil or forks. Did you know it is bad news to put forks in the microwave? It is. I’ve never done that before.
I could mess around with power levels on the microwave, but I’m too lazy, so I just keep it at 100 percent and set the timer for 30 seconds. Depending on the amount of butter you use, you might need to use more or less time. In this case, I used two sticks.
Let the microwave run for about 5 seconds–just in case! Then poke the butter.
Does it feel soft? No? Then flip the butter to another side to guard against melty spots, and let it go for another five seconds. Keep flipping and poking until the butter yields a a bit but is not melted.
This maybe seems a little tedious, but I guess it is less tedious than staring at a stick of butter for a couple hours, waiting for it to lose its refrigerator memory.
Note: I when R and I went up north last time, we found a book from the 80s all about cooking in microwaves. Pot roast, brownies, jello salad. You name it, it was in there. I’m real real sorry I don’t have a picture; it was priceless. Super weird, though. Please never bake a cake in the microwave.
Other side note: I realize that this post should be titled “What Do You Think I Am, Lauren–Stupid?” You probably know how to use a microwave. I just needed a little boost today. At least I can say that I have achieved one of my pipe dreams–to be a microwave maven.
Carry on,

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