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Pipe Dream #81: To Divide Nine Sometimes

There is this concept in photography called the rule of thirds. Basically, it says that photos have more tension and visual interest if the subject is not in the middle of the frame. (You can read more about it on wikipedia, if you want.) I was pleasantly surprised to learn about this rule and realize that my natural tendency is to take off-center photos, or crop them that way.

Sometimes, I intentionally take a shot in the center of the frame so I can get it perfectly focused, knowing I can crop it later,  like I did with the one above.

Sometimes, though, I really like centered shots. They make a statement. Bam. This is a cow.

Bam. This is my face. Right in the middle there.

So this rule is supposed to be the ideal, but I don’t always like the rules. I like ideals, but sometimes the ideal is the ordinary.

Extra ordinary,


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