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Pipe Dream #104: To Stop At 14ths – Cream Cheese Party Mints

I can distinctly remember the first time I had these mints. It was at a grad party, and they were in the shape of little grad caps and diplomas. I was probably 16 or 17, so it was somewhat embarrassing to return to the food table the amount of times that I did that day, but I couldn’t help myself. Seriously, I was like my own personal German granny, “You look thin. You really should eat some more. Here. Have a fourth helping.”

These babies are approximately as addicting as the homemade peppermint patties I showed you before, and twice as simple because you don’t have to dip them in chocolate. So there is absolutely no reason that you should not make them now and give them away immediately to your neighbors. They’ll appreciate. Also, they are the perfect party mints. Any occasion will do. Just buy a mold and set to it!


Party Mints

Adapted from the Clever Culinarian

6 cups powdered sugar

½ teaspoons peppermint extract

¼ cup butter, softened

4 ounces, fluid cream Cheese

sugar (for rolling)

Mix ingredients well and form one teaspoon of mix into a small ball. Coat in sugar.

Push the first mint ball into your candy mold. If there is too much mixture, remove the excess. When finished, roll back into a ball use as a size example to make the rest of the mints.

If you don’t have actual candy molds, you can use any small clean, food safe item that will work or just roll them into balls and coat with sugar. Then you can make several at a time and coat them in sugar.

Finish each by pressing into the candy mold and placing on a tray to dry out.

Makes about 8 dozen marble-sized mints. If your event has a colorful theme, you can add a few drops of food coloring when mixing.

Pipe Up! On Cheesecakes

Remember this?

I do.

And I’ve been hired to make more of them. You see, a certain beautiful lady is graduating. She is my sessy. She likesa the cheesecakes. New York style. Vanilla. Her personality is anything but vanilla, but I can expound on her exquisitely interesting self later.

It’s kind of an in-house hire, but do you think I’m complaining? I am not. I’ll proudly add this to the list of things which I have been hired to bake for in my life (that is, two). (By the way, “in house hire?” That pun was intended. Am I allowed to explain my not-funny humor? I’m such a blog noob. I’ll err on the side of caution. P.S. I think my own jokes are funny about twice a week, no more, no less [name that movie]).

Point of the story, I need to make about 10 cheesecakes, maybe more. I’ll probably make some straight up vanilla in honor of our graduate, but I want something different too. I want these cheesecakes to really shine. Be on my baking A-game (ha) for the 100+ people who may show up. It’s good promotion. And besides, if I possibly end up having to give these cheesecakes away to people because no one showed up, wouldn’t you like to get a cheesecake in a flavor you like?

So here’s the deal: pipe up and tell me what kind of cheesecake I should make in the comments section. Your favorite kind, one you’ve always wanted to try–there is no cake too extravagant. Except if you want me to pipe rosettes. In return, you will receive my Undying Affection, which is right under ‘Eternal Salvation’ on The List of Awesome Things You Can Receive in This Life. But only Jesus can give you eternal salvation.

Ok go! And thank you.


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