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Pipe Dream #121: To Forego the Faux Pas

Is it a major faux pas to post pictures of a different country on the 4th of July? I don’t really mind, but I feel like every other blogger in America will be highlighting the virtues of our democratic system. Welp, this will have to do in place of that. I still love fireworks.

Oooh ahhh,


Pipe Dream #115: To Play Better Live – Venice

I think that what really makes a good band is a good show. Seriously, if a band doesn’t sound just as good live as they do on their record, I write them off. It may be judgmental, but I’m all for being picky about music. There is too much awful out there not to be.

It goes for people too. It is my heart’s earnest desire to portray my real self on the internet. Heaven forbid that someday, someone should see me and say, “Wow, her profile picture is way out of date” or “Lauren is just not as witty, charming and cool” as her blog seems to suggest!” Jokes. :]

Ah, Venice. It was the one place I visited where everything was exactly as picturesque and romantic as in the movies. Even Paris didn’t compare. All of these shots portray Venice as it actually is. Rare.

Dream on,


Rando Tuesdays: Italian Bakes

The pastry you see above is the inspiration for yesterday’s recipe. In addition to my regular diet of pizza, gelato and pasta, Italy afforded me a constant stream of ‘bigne con chantilly,’ otherwise known as ‘choux avec chantilly’ if you are in France. While I kept up the tradition in France, I first discovered these little balls of joy in Venice. And I was a literal ball of joy after eating like that for three weeks.

Bakeries in Europe are just so different compared to bakeries in the states. In Italy, there was a bakery around every corner, it seemed, and picking up a pastry and espresso for breakfast was the norm. How I wish that were the norm in Minnesota!

Speaking of coffee, I had one called a ‘caffĂ© nuttĂ©,’ which was essentially a double shot glass spread with Nutella inside, then filled with espresso, whipped cream, hazelnut sauce and hazelnuts. My relationship with hazelnuts can never now be the same.

I also had sfogliatelle a number of times. I was so excited to try them after seeing the ‘lobster tails’ on Cake Boss. They were filled with anything from lemon pastry cream to chocolate and taste just as you’d imagine that many layers of delicious pastry to taste.

I think I’ll go running now,


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