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Favorite Shots: A Cinnamon Roll As Large As Your Face


Once, I ate a cinnamon roll, warm from the oven and as large as a human face. I included my hand in the picture for context, but I don’t think this shot even does it justice, even with the hand. Notice the lady-sized portions that are not in front of me.

Not pictured: Vat of unlimited cream cheese frosting available for slathering. I did not regret this even for one second. Isles Bun, you are it. Midafternoon sugar comas for all. Goodnight.


Favorite Shot: Chastity Belt Bakery

purity bakery 4

Look at this old building I found! It is called Purity Bakery. I don’t think it is currently producing delicious yeast breads, I can only imagine what the bakery must have been like in its golden years…

The most delicate white breads with crusts unblemished by homely bubbles. Spotless counter space filled with the most organically sourced ingredients. And bakers who, in addition to having flawless skin, donned chastity belts every morning before work.


Favorite Shots: Champagne & Backseams

chandelier 3


These shots look like champagne and backseams and glamour, don’t you think? I can’t get enough. It’s like staring at a fire.

Yes, pleasing,


chandelier 2

chandelier 1

Pipe Dream #165: To Halve the National Debt

arch antiques 10

Of all the neat places I’ve been in the last few month, Architectural Antiques in Northeast was one of the most interesting. There is enough mid-century hardware in this place to halve the national debt. Maybe. There was also a giant buffalo.

I took the opportunity to peruse and shoot in manual. It was a very unhurried session, and I got to capture what the light really looks like, so I was pleased. Enjoy.


arch antiques 9

arch antiques 7

chandelier 4

arch antiques 6

arch antiques 4

arch antiques 1


Pipe Dream #131: To Be Saturated In Bipolar

Well, this was clearly one of the best evenings of my life. Never mind that I was with two of my best friends listening to an outdoor orchestra–this lake was legit, mayn. Look at how rich the colors are!

There were even duckies in attendance. Cute ones, rather tame from the multitude of fries that have been flicked at them from the lakeside concession stand. Incidentally, the concession food is all locally sourced and zero-waste (wait, what?), which is probably why all the duckies look so healthy.

This beautiful old tram line was just 50 yards from the lake. It felt like something out of a mid-century film, and I couldn’t resist editing it as such. Pipe dream fulfilled. I was totally bipolar in the way I edited these shots. Same evening, same lighting, totally different feelings evoked. And we know that a shot without any evocation (is that a word?) is void, yeah? Yeah.

It apparently produced a shift in the way things should be colored, however. Both sets have depth to them, with or without color, I think. Cool.

Bye now,


Favorite Shots: Symmetry

My friend Kellie says the most attractive thing about any face is its symmetry. Like, she notices if faces aren’t symmetrical. She is an art major, which half explains that.

By Kellie’s standards, this bridge is hott with two ts.



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