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Inimitable Heather & Polaroids

heath visit 8

This is my friend, Heather, and she came to visit me once, and it was the best weekend of my life, probably. We took a couple pics on my camera, as you can see, but the coolest pictures were on her little mini Polaroid camera. It is a freakin’ sweet little camera, and makes everything look sweet.

I’ve tried to imitate its effects below, but to no avail. No one could imitate Heather, either. She’s too sweet awesome and beauteous and far more chill than your average American. Obviously.


heath visit 4

heath visit 7

heath visit 3

Favorite Shots: Depth of Film


I discovered the film grain filter in CS4. Maybe I should just buy a film camera. What’s the best one?


Pipe Dream #101: To Not Cop Out If I Can Help It

A friend of mine once said that editing photos so that they are black and white is kind of a cop out. Black and white makes everything look better. It hides flaws—no color noise, better contrast, and the subject is more clearly defined.

The problem, he said, is that it makes a lot of photographers look like they’re more talented than they really are. “Not a quality photo?” these lesser beings query, “I’ll just put it in black and white and instantly feel better about life.” Truly good photographers work with color because it is harder to get right.

It’s true, monochrome might be a cop out. But can you honestly imagine these sheep looking any other way? I LOVE the way this sepia-ish black and white looks. And I am not ashamed.

A workman approved,


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