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Rando Tuesdays: Leftovers, Wedding Edition

This is what happens with leftover wedding cakes. Cake of any sort makes for happy co-workers. Using up leftover fillings makes for happy Lauren. One of my biggest issues with these cakes was figuring out how much filling to use. When it was all said and done, there was much to use up. Heaven knows I could not eat all of it by myself, especially since my family was like, “Lauren, what do you expect us to do? Funnel it into our mouths like water?” Why yes, family, yes I do.

You can find the scaled-down recipes below. The whipped chocolate ganache was especially amazing.

Happy trails,


Whipped Chocolate Ganache

Adapted from The Kitchn

This is useful for filling, piping or spooning. For additional tips, read my how-to post.

1 pound bittersweet or dark chocolate, chopped roughly
3 1/2 cups heavy whipping cream (I used maybe two cups)
Pinch salt
1 tablespoon brandy, rum, vanilla, or another flavoring (optional)

Put the chocolate in a large, heatproof bowl — ideally the bowl of a stand mixer. Heat the cream to boiling and pour over the chocolate. Let it sit for about ten minutes, then add the salt and flavoring, if desired, and blend with the whisk attachment of a stand mixer or just stir by hand with a spatula.

Refrigerate for about two hours, or until firm all the way through. Whip with a stand mixer or beaters until soft, whipped, and slightly lightened in color.

Raspberry Pastry Cream

2 cups milk
1/4 cup white sugar2 egg yolks
1 egg
1/4 cup cornstarch
1/3 cup white sugar
2 tablespoons butter
1 teaspoon vanilla extract (I omitted this and stuck with 1/4 cup of raspberry puree, or a little more)

In a heavy saucepan, stir together the milk and 1/4 cup of sugar. Bring to a boil over medium heat.
In a medium bowl, whisk together the egg yolks and egg. Stir together the remaining sugar and cornstarch; then stir them into the egg until smooth.

When the milk comes to a boil, drizzle it into the bowl in a thin stream while mixing so that you do not cook the eggs. Return the mixture to the saucepan, and slowly bring to a boil, stirring constantly so the eggs don’t curdle or scorch on the bottom. When the mixture comes to a boil and thickens, remove from the heat. Stir in the butter and vanilla, mixing until the butter is completely blended in. Stir in 1/4 cup of strained raspberry puree, or to taste.

Pour into a heat-proof container and place a piece of plastic wrap directly on the surface to prevent a skin from forming. Refrigerate until chilled before using.

Favorite Shot: Shameless Butterfly

I love butterflies shamelessly. And it’s really ok because I’m a girl. No one blinks twice at a girl who loves butterflies. But even if you blinked thrice I would still love them because they are so fabulous. Just look at this picture. By the way, I totally faked this macro shot.

I found this one after a morning run. I see a lot of wildlife in the mornings at camp. Surrously, I’ve seen prolly sixty bunnies on the road. Live on the road. It makes a run that would otherwise seem like folly a little more bearable. Because let’s be real, no one really loves going on runs early in the morning. You can like it, but ‘love’ is a little too strong for 6 am.

Another random fact I learned about bugs this summer: Flies actually do taste things with their feet. Your fourth grade teacher was right all along.

Have such a happy day,


Pipe Dream #55: To Be Brave Like Amber

I was privileged to be a part of my dear friend’s wedding in July. We’ve been friends since we were real small, perhaps even in the womb. Womb-friends we are.

I made vanilla cupcakes with a vanilla buttercream. I was tempted to fill them with raspberry curd, but between doing the rest of the cake and being a bridesmaid, I found that my time was short. It’s ok though; the cake was filled with raspberry curd, and the cake is the important part. Seriously, one of the best vanilla cakes I have ever made.

She married the boy from across the street, so I guess it was only appropriate that the girl down the street should do the cake. It was a regular neighborhood wedding.

Seen here is the bride and her fabulous cousin having the time of their lives, obviously.

I also have to say, Amber is one of the bravest people I know. She is in the Army, which is enough by itself, and now she gets to move to Germany. That’s a foreign country! Where the people don’t speak English! I would be scared a little. Maybe just for a little while. She is not scared, and it is admirable.

All in all, a very fun day filled with lots of memories. Best of luck and Auf Wiedersehen, my dearest Amber.


P.S. I apologize for the poor photo quality. I could make excuses, but who wants to spend their time listening to my excuses?

I Got It Right: Bakery Buttercream

Oh, but I am a lucky girl.

I have these massive lists of bookmarks on my web browser marked “To Try.” The “To Try” folder is filled with recipes that look irresistible and/or are impossible for me to recreate due to my lack of skill/time/patience. But I still stick the impossible recipes in there to inspire me and to push myself to be better. I was looking through the folders trying to clear out recipes that I had already tried and links that had expired when I came upon this frosting recipe.

It was such an unassuming web page. The design wasn’t super appealing, and the recipe sounded unusual. And the recipe included shortening. That is actually the main reason I decided to try it–I actually had shortening on hand. “What up, Lauren? You had shortening on hand?” Yes. I did. And I’m not sorry.

This frosting is incredible. It pipes beautifully (my piping adventures to be posted soon), has a smooth, firm consistency, and didn’t crust over forEVER. It is like the fries in the Extras on the DVD “Super Size Me.” I’m sure if I would have left these cupcakes under a glass jar, they never would have gone moldy.

I used my go-to one bowl recipe, and used a piping tip to add some chai-spiced cream cheese frosting in the middle. They were fab.



Really Awesome Buttercream

Adapted from

Makes 3 3/4 cups

1 cup vegetable shortening

4 cups powdered sugar

1/4 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon cream of tartar

1 teaspoon clear imitation vanilla extract (or regular extract–it didn’t turn brown or anything)

3 ounces heavy cream

Food coloring as desired

With an electric mixer, beat shortening until fluffy. Add powdered sugar, and continue beating until well blended.
Add salt, vanilla, cream of tartar and heavy cream, beating on low speed until moistened, and adding more heavy cream if you feel the frosting is too dry. Add food coloring if desired. Beat at high speed until frosting is fluffy.

Favorite Shots: Candy Stick Nostalg

I like sugar. I like cute. I like color. I like fruit.

Therefore, these are some of my favorite shots.

*snap* *snap* *snap*

I just snapped for myself. For my rhyme.

Ooooooook, bye now,

Lauren who is not weird

Pipe Dream #20: To Make a Wedding Cake

Here it is! The “wedding cake!” The fruit of my amateur labor!

And there is the beautiful couple. Jackie had the wonderful idea for the topper–super classy and cute. Seriously, have you seen some of the toppers out there these days? Come, come Wilton. We can do better. I refuse to use a cut plastic sculpture of a dancing Barbie and Ken for my non-existent wedding.

The beauty of this cake was truly in the details. The pearls were both perfectly pretty and heinously annoying–they kept rolling all over the floor. But the effect was worth a few more floor sweeps, I think. Probably I think that because I wasn’t the one sweeping and still finding pearls on the second floor weeks later…

We kept the main frosting a traditional white and used a linen-y sort of yellow for the detailing. I think perhaps the pictures make it look a little more yellow than it was, but just by a shade or two.

I put up a lot of photos. I was really happy about them, and I couldn’t choose which ones I liked best. Please excuse my enthusiasm.

Look at the picture she chose for the other side of the topper! Super adorable. Their dog is their baby.

And here is my beautiful and creative helper and friend. Thanks for making this so fun, Jackie! Couldn’t have managed this project without you. And seriously, if y’all ever want an interior decorating consult or a haircut, let me put you in touch–she does good work.

For some reason, I say y’all on my blog way more than I do in real life,


Pipe Dream #17: To Live With Flowers

Haha, dream on self?  Receiving flowers is a rare treat, and it makes me appreciate them all the more. Surprise flowers never lose their appeal. It doesn’t even matter who they’re from–they’re a breath of fresh air in this plastic concrete world.

They are a reminder of spring in an inanimate winter.

And they are an thoughtful expression of love any day of the week.

This post has been sentimental. Sorrah,


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